It’s hard to believe that Last spring I was rewarded with the title “Miss Teenage Dartmouth” .  I was never really into pageants until I became a Miss Teenage Canada Delegate mainly because I didn’t really know much about them either. I never realized how being a pageant girl isn’t just about the glam (as some pageants are, however some aren’t.) A Miss Teenage Canada delegate has a lot to commit to. She makes promises and falls through with them, finds something she’s really passionate for and wants to make a stand and falls through with that. Makes a difference in your community attends events and make her own as well.


Mental Health Awareness Boston Pizza fundraiser


Spokesperson at Astral Drive Elementary School


Being a Miss Teenage Canada delegate is a lot of hard work and commitment  But I promise you it’s one of the best commitments you’ll ever make. It’s definitely something I look back on wishing I could relive every moment all over again. From the day the interviews started to the day I got crowned, my whole journey to Nationals has been something I will never regret. And It’s so crazy to think that I’ve had this title for a year and will be passing it on to another kind girl who is just as lucky as I was and really eager to do great things! This year seemed to go by so fast.

Never would I ever wish this title away. but I am excited to see what’s next to come, perhaps another pageant? 😉  To all the new Miss Teenage Canada delegates;  it’s really rewarding when you get a title like this   so embrace it and continue to do great things. I wish you all good luck and hope all of you have a great year, I’ll definitely be watching online to see the next girl get crowned😉

To the new Nova Scotia girls congratulations!! Enjoy the time while it lasts as it seems to go by fast but you’ll have an amazing journey you make new friends, cute

You get to try all of these new things, have an experience of a life time,

Niagara Falls

weday debby

We Day 2015 Meet and Greet with Debby Ryan


Canada Day Parade


and of course, create a bond with all these girls that will be unbreakable like i did.

I hope you enjoy this experience as much as I did and give it your all. I know you’ll make our province proud. I’ll definitely be following you throughout your journey!! So as I say my final “goodbyes” let the princess games begin!✨👑💓

Thanks for following me through my journey this year and for all of the support from friends,family and my sponsors,

last mtd pic

Xx Breanna {Miss Teenage Dartmouth 2015}

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