Well.. After 3 months of hard work and counting down the number of days until I go compete for Miss Teenage Canada is over within a blink in the eye. It was such and amazing experience. I met so many kind hearted, smart, funny girls that we all call “Pageant Sisters”. It was so great meet 82 of you girls from across Canada and I am going to miss you all so much !

We did so many fun things like dragon boats, walks, magic show, Niagra Falls, Mid Evil Times Theatre, shopping, photo shoots and more! I am so incredibly grateful that I had this opportunity. Doing this pageant was completely out of my comfort zone but it was good for me because I built a lot of confidence. Wishing you girls all the best💖

Congratulations to our  new Miss Teenage Canada Sarah Wojcik. Your going to be a great Miss Teenage Canada. I hope you have a great year❤️

I did not win however I am still holding my title as Miss Teenage Dartmouth until January so I will still be attending events and keeping you updated! But I did make the TOP 21 and recived a SCHOLARSHIP for TOP MODEL SEARCH CANADA for next year! Which I am estatic about!!

Special Thanks to Michelle W for selecting me as one of the 82 girls to participate, Christi W, Marc, Courtney and all the  other MTC staff/chaperones for everything!!! I can only imagine how hard it must be when 82 girls at one time don’t follow instructions 😉 I appreciate everything you had done.

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Written by: Breanna

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