When I  think of a free country I think of Canada. Our soldiers have fought for our freedom and rights which takes courage, strength and bravery. From our landscape to our people inside and out Canada is such a beautiful place.

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We have a great amount of land and beautiful landscape I’ve only travelled a few places New Brunswick , Alberta , Jaspers National Park, The Valley, Cape Breton , PEI but everyone of theese places are just so beautiful. I haven’t been to Newfoundland but I’ve heard they have have a beautiful scenery and are known for their lobster . Overall Canada is also known for our local farmers markets and the healthy ways that we eat.

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Our water is fresh and clean,  there is nothing better than not having to worry about getting sick from the water you drink or having to go through a process of boiling it before you drink it.

Not only do we have a beautiful land with freedom and clean water, we have FREE health care which is really great, especially if your someone like me who is very clumsy. We also have really great theme parks ! Like Magic Mountain and Canada’s Wonderland and of course you can’t forget my favourite thing ! West Edmonton Mall, the 3rd largest mall in the world that has a theme park, and a water park in it. Over 800 stores and services !

I love Canada and I’m so proud to say that I am Canadian 🍁❤️


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