I chose my platform to be bullying and how it affects Mental Health. I wanted bring more attention to this this because I’ve struggled my whole life with being bullied and feeling misunderstood and I don’t think people realize how hard it can be .

Having a disorder does not make it easy socially or academically, especially when you have a disorder similar to me which is not widely heard of. It’s really difficult trying to accept yourself for who you are when you feel that’s others don’t accept you. Especially when you have others making fun of you, talking about you because you act differently than them .

Being an advocate for bullying and mental health was a good choice for me, because I have been struggling so much with being bullied on top of mental health issues it’s very easy for me to relate to these type of things and understand what others that are having this problem are going through.

Making people more aware of this cause means a lot to me because all I want to do is help others that are going through the same issues. It’s easier to talk to someone who has struggled through the same. If I was Miss Teenage Canada I would help others with these issues that come up in their life, relate to them and try and make the situation easier for them .

I love helping others and I believe that’s what I do best.


Written by: Breanna
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2 Responses to About my platform, Why I chose it, What it means to me and what I would do as Miss Teenage Canada to promote my platform

  1. Kris says:

    You got this !!!!

  2. Kris Gillie says:

    You got this!!!

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