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It’s hard to believe that Last spring I was rewarded with the title “Miss Teenage Dartmouth” .  I was never really into pageants until I became a Miss Teenage Canada Delegate mainly because I didn’t really know much about them either. I never realized how being a pageant girl isn’t just about the glam (as some pageants are, however some aren’t.) A Miss Teenage Canada delegate has a lot to commit to. She makes promises and falls through with them, finds something she’s really passionate for and wants to make a stand and falls through with that. Makes a difference in your community attends events and make her own as well.


Mental Health Awareness Boston Pizza fundraiser


Spokesperson at Astral Drive Elementary School


Being a Miss Teenage Canada delegate is a lot of hard work and commitment  But I promise you it’s one of the best commitments you’ll ever make. It’s definitely something I look back on wishing I could relive every moment all over again. From the day the interviews started to the day I got crowned, my whole journey to Nationals has been something I will never regret. And It’s so crazy to think that I’ve had this title for a year and will be passing it on to another kind girl who is just as lucky as I was and really eager to do great things! This year seemed to go by so fast.

Never would I ever wish this title away. but I am excited to see what’s next to come, perhaps another pageant? 😉  To all the new Miss Teenage Canada delegates;  it’s really rewarding when you get a title like this   so embrace it and continue to do great things. I wish you all good luck and hope all of you have a great year, I’ll definitely be watching online to see the next girl get crowned😉

To the new Nova Scotia girls congratulations!! Enjoy the time while it lasts as it seems to go by fast but you’ll have an amazing journey you make new friends, cute

You get to try all of these new things, have an experience of a life time,

Niagara Falls

weday debby

We Day 2015 Meet and Greet with Debby Ryan


Canada Day Parade


and of course, create a bond with all these girls that will be unbreakable like i did.

I hope you enjoy this experience as much as I did and give it your all. I know you’ll make our province proud. I’ll definitely be following you throughout your journey!! So as I say my final “goodbyes” let the princess games begin!✨👑💓

Thanks for following me through my journey this year and for all of the support from friends,family and my sponsors,

last mtd pic

Xx Breanna {Miss Teenage Dartmouth 2015}

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Hello Everyone!
It’s been a while since the last time I have blogged so those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter I’ll talk about what I’ve been doing for the past 5 months !

As many of you know my time as being a title holder is almost up , so far the Alberta delegates and Ontario delegates have already been crowned for 2016 but luckily I get to hold on to this title for a little while longer 😉 On top of school I’ve been doing a few other things like attending a few more events .

IMG_1052In September Miss Teen Halifax and I volunteered at the family fun day harvest festival in Halifax and face painted.

FullSizeRender(3)In November Miss Teenage Nova Scotia and I went to WE day and lucky enough Miss Teenage Ontario is down here for school so she was able to come too. WE day was a lot of fun and really inspiring. Great performances and amazing speakers!!


In December  myself and Miss Teenage Halifax walked in the Parade of lights! A rainy Christmas parade rather than snow but still fun!

IMG_1049And of course CHRISTMAS!! I was lucky enough to go to Orlando with my best friend and spend my time up there. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoyable break with your  loved ones!!

A month ago Myself and Ana ( Miss Teenage Central NS)  came across a new organization called LOVE
and to help them we put a little video together with the hashtag “WhatDoYouLove” to get their non profit organization out there !! (Which is on my Facebook page)

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset


a few weeks ago I reached out to new clothing line called ‘Express & Escape’ where they’re tying to promote self love and empowerment for youth . By doing so a portion of each sale goes towards the mental health foundation. Unfortunately for me  they’re located in Ontario but thankfully  you can order clothing online !! So check out their website  {http://express-and-escape.myshopify.com/} where you will also find a article
of my  reply to Q’s & A’s with them !

You can also find them on Instagram; express_escape and on Facebook; Express & Escape!


I find it really great that we’re becoming more aware of mental health issues and it’s truly important to have company’s and organizations such as ‘Express & Escape’ help out towards this as much as possible. Thank you for the hat to keep me warm while counting down the days until spring!❄️🌸

Thanks for taking the time to read !
Breanna xx {Miss Teenage Dartmouth 2015}

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Well.. After 3 months of hard work and counting down the number of days until I go compete for Miss Teenage Canada is over within a blink in the eye. It was such and amazing experience. I met so many kind hearted, smart, funny girls that we all call “Pageant Sisters”. It was so great meet 82 of you girls from across Canada and I am going to miss you all so much !

We did so many fun things like dragon boats, walks, magic show, Niagra Falls, Mid Evil Times Theatre, shopping, photo shoots and more! I am so incredibly grateful that I had this opportunity. Doing this pageant was completely out of my comfort zone but it was good for me because I built a lot of confidence. Wishing you girls all the best💖

Congratulations to our  new Miss Teenage Canada Sarah Wojcik. Your going to be a great Miss Teenage Canada. I hope you have a great year❤️

I did not win however I am still holding my title as Miss Teenage Dartmouth until January so I will still be attending events and keeping you updated! But I did make the TOP 21 and recived a SCHOLARSHIP for TOP MODEL SEARCH CANADA for next year! Which I am estatic about!!

Special Thanks to Michelle W for selecting me as one of the 82 girls to participate, Christi W, Marc, Courtney and all the  other MTC staff/chaperones for everything!!! I can only imagine how hard it must be when 82 girls at one time don’t follow instructions 😉 I appreciate everything you had done.

image image image image

Until next time,




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imageYesterday  for lunch we went to Richtree Natural Market restaurant.

It was so nice of them to sponsor us with lunch yesterday. The service was great and very fast which is pretty great for serving 86 girls. On top of that the people were so friendly . Their tacos and burritos are spicy but so delicious and so filling. After eating tacos at that restaurant there is no other taco I would rather eat but theirs ! Sense in not from Toronto I’ll be sure to check out their tacos every time I’m up here, and you all should too! #RichtreeTacosAreTheBest #MTC2015 #missteenagecanada

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image imageOn Wednesday we went to Port Credit. We walked around and took some pictures ! After that we went boating, a few of us jumped in and went swimming . It was a lot of fun . The Following day we went to Bowman’s Zoo. We got VIP access and were able to meet baby tigers and lions . The best part for me was being able to see my favourite animal a giraffe !!!image image image image

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Hello Everyone❤️

Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately . On Sunday I arrived safely at the Hotel . I was so excited to have been here that I didn’t sleep Saturday night . The day I got to the hotel I met a bunch of lovely ladies! We were assigned our roommates and later that night we had a welcoming party and met a few sponsors . Here are some pictures of my arrival!


image image











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I chose my platform to be bullying and how it affects Mental Health. I wanted bring more attention to this this because I’ve struggled my whole life with being bullied and feeling misunderstood and I don’t think people realize how hard it can be .

Having a disorder does not make it easy socially or academically, especially when you have a disorder similar to me which is not widely heard of. It’s really difficult trying to accept yourself for who you are when you feel that’s others don’t accept you. Especially when you have others making fun of you, talking about you because you act differently than them .

Being an advocate for bullying and mental health was a good choice for me, because I have been struggling so much with being bullied on top of mental health issues it’s very easy for me to relate to these type of things and understand what others that are having this problem are going through.

Making people more aware of this cause means a lot to me because all I want to do is help others that are going through the same issues. It’s easier to talk to someone who has struggled through the same. If I was Miss Teenage Canada I would help others with these issues that come up in their life, relate to them and try and make the situation easier for them .

I love helping others and I believe that’s what I do best.


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Hello Everyone,

During this week I have been preparing for Nationals. Practicing my speech so I can talk about bullying and how it affects mental health , packing, getting my hair done,  and finishing up some last minute shopping 😉

There is only 3 days left until I go participate in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant. On Sunday I will be flying up to Toronto and I am very excited to have the opportunity to be a delegate for Miss Teenage Canada  and enjoy this incredible experience.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me raise the amount of money that was required. All your donations helped a lot. I’d also like to thank my family for all of their support. Driving me to the events , helping me with fundraisers and putting their time into this!

I also want to thank the following sponsors:

• G&M commercial cleaning services •The Head Shoppe
•Jocelyn’s Spa and Gifts
•Always and Forever
•Gwen’s Bridal
•Fairley and Stevens Ford
•Kiwanis Club of Dartmouth Charitable Foundation
•West 49
•Food Noise
• D Beals Designs

Thank you Everyone for all your support its really appreciated and I couldn’t have done it with you all! I hope to make you all proud and hopefully bring back the crown!  xx









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